Ethical requirements

Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement

The Journal “Northern Russian Dialects” is an academic periodical with no political, ideological, confessional, or other agendas; therefore the Journal’s activities are solely for the sake of scholarship. All participants in the editorial and publishing process (Authors, Reviewers, Editors, and Editorial Board Members) should keep this in mind and follow the ethical standards outlined below, which are based on the recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Authorship Issues

When submitting a paper to publish in “Northern Russian Dialects”, the Author thereby confirms his or her authorship. In the case of a collaborative work, one of the Authors may submit material for publication provided that all coauthors are listed with all necessary and correct information about them.

If there are agencies or other entities that contributed to the content or provided funding or support for the work submitted, the Author should clearly identify them. If necessary, the Author should express gratitude to colleagues who have made a contribution to the submitted work.

The Authors must present in full all sources of information used in the work, including lists of sources (both published and unpublished), research literature (including the Authors’ own previously published works), and informants (when publishing the results of field studies). The Authors should ensure that if they have used the work and/or words of others, this has been appropriately cited or quoted. Any form of plagiarism is unacceptable. Self-plagiarism, i.e., the attempt to republish one’s own previously published work without significant changes to it, is similarly unacceptable. Concurrent submission of the same work to “Northern Russian Dialects” and to any other publication is prohibited. The research archive used by the Author should be accessible upon request for the period of at least two years.

In case of violation of any of the rules listed above, the Editorial Team is entitled to refuse to publish the materials at any time, including during preliminary consideration, without involving reviewers, and also not to proceed with the publication of any work from the Author for a period of three years.

Any changes added by the Author to a text that has been peer-reviewed and accepted for publication can be made only in coordination with the Editorial Team. An Author can withdraw an accepted work only before the materials have been sent out for editing. If the Author absolutely wishes to withdraw the material from publication after the editorial work has been done, the Editorial Team is entitled to refuse to consider publication of any work submitted by this Author for a period of three years.

It is unacceptable for an Author to place into the public domain any materials that have been accepted for publication and sent for editing but which have not yet been published. If this rule is violated, the Editorial Team is entitled to withdraw these materials and to refuse to consider publication of any work by the Author for a period of three years.

Copyright and Open Access

The journal “Northern Russian Dialects” has agreed to the Budapest Open Access Initiative and therefore provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge. At the same time, the Authors are not charged any fees for publication in “Northern Russian Dialects”.

When sending materials for consideration by the journal “Northern Russian Dialects”, the Authors agree that the acceptance of these materials for publication ensures their redistribution in accordance with the license Creative Commons | Attribution-NoDerivatives (this allows for redistribution, commercial and non-commercial, as long as it is passed along unchanged and in its entirety, with attribution). At the same time, copyright remains in full with the Authors.

Accuracy of Information

The Authors of the papers submitted to the journal “Northern Russian Dialects” are responsible for detailed verification of all the information contained in their work in order to avoid inaccurate references to sources or the omission of necessary references. If, in the process of editing the materials accepted for publication, the Author discovers mistakes or inaccuracies, he or she must notify the Editor as soon as possible and either withdraw the publication (in the case of significant errors requiring a complete revision of the text) or correct it.

The Author must avoid personal attacks, disparaging remarks, and accusations against other scholars. Defamation is not allowed in the journal “Northern Russian Dialects”.

The Authors are responsible for the accuracy of all data published in the journal “Northern Russian Dialects”. If a violation of the above rules is discovered after publication, the Editorial Team is entitled to publish a refutation in the next issue and also not to proceed with any work from the defaulting Author for a period of three years.

Review Process

All submitted papers are evaluated on the principle of double-blind peer review, which means that all materials are sent to the Reviewers in anonymized form (the files contain no information about the Authors and information is also deleted from the metadata of the submitted files).

None of the members of the Editorial Team or any other participants in the publication process is allowed to disclose the Authors’ names to Reviewers before the final decision regarding the publication of the submitted papers.

If a Reviewer recognizes the Author of the article being reviewed and discovers a conflict of interest, he is to inform the Editor of this and recuse himself. Contacts between the Reviewer and the Author maintained outside of the Editorial Team's responsibilities are not sufficient grounds for disqualification of the Reviewer.

The Reviewer’s name can be disclosed to the Author by the Editorial Team only at the request of the Reviewer and only after the final decision regarding the publication of the submitted materials.

The review should be objective and impartial and must not contain personal attacks against the Author. All comments and suggestions for improving the work should be made in polite form, and all criticism should be justified. Reviewers are encouraged to recommend additional publications relating to the submitted work for which there are no references. The Reviewer should also draw the attention of the Editorial Team to any evidence of plagiarism.

The review should be completed within the time frame established by the journal; the appointment of reviewers, reviewing, acceptance, editing and publication can take over 12 months.

Duties of the Editorial Team Members

Managing/Academic Editors provide for all stages of the editorial and publishing process:

  • preliminary consideration of the Authors’ submissions;
  • selecting the Reviewers in accordance with their research interests;
  • maintaining confidentiality during the double-blind review process;
  • deciding on acceptance, rejection, or submission to additional peer review, depending on the Reviewers’ reports;
  • notifying members of the Editorial Board of the current issue data;
  • sending the edited materials to the Layout Editor and facilitating the Authors’ proofreading of the galleys;
  • control proofreading (reconciliation) of the issue before its publication online and in hard copy.

The Editor-in-Chief coordinates all the work of the Editorial Team and makes decisions on key issues; he or she also releases issues for printing and gives permission for publication on the website. Also, as a member of the Editorial Team and the Editorial Board, the Editor-in-Chief fully guarantees strict compliance with all ethical standards set forth herein.

All Editors must be careful not to abuse their official position and they are to maintain their impartiality and objectivity toward all participants in the editorial and publishing process regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, ethnic origin, nationality, or political opinion. The materials submitted by the Editors for publication in the journal “Northern Russian Dialects” are considered solely on their scholarly merit and with the observance of the principle of double-blind peer review.

There must be no conflict of interest between the Editors and the Authors of the materials accepted or rejected for publication. In case such conflict occurs, the Authors’ materials are to be sent to another Editor.

The Editorial Team ensures the high academic quality of the materials published in the journal “Northern Russian Dialects” and, if necessary, is obliged to publish corrections, clarifications, and apologies.

Editorial Board

The Editorial Board of the journal “Northern Russian Dialects” is the supreme governing and controlling body of the periodical. The Editorial Board members, by means of collective decision, have the right to suspend or reject the publication of materials that have gone through double-blind peer review. Papers written by members of the Editorial Board that are submitted for publication in the journal “Northern Russian Dialects” are considered on their own merit, without regard for their Author’s position on the Board.

Due to its academic authority, geographical coverage, and the principle of collegiality, the Editorial Board of the journal “Northern Russian Dialects” guarantees that the published content meets international standards of scholarly and editorial ethics. All conflicts arising between the participants of the editorial and publishing process are to be resolved through the direct involvement of the Editorial Board.