Technical requirements

Papers are accepted as electronic (rtf) and pdf-file copies. Electronic copies should be sent to

The recommended size of a paper is 20 000 digits. 

Electronic text requirements. The font size of the main text – 12, the indent – 0.6 cm. The font size of footnotes, tables, abbreviation and literature lists – 10. The width of tables and illustrations should not exceed 11 cm.

Text references should be provided in parenthesis and include: author’s family name, year of publication, page number(s), e.g. [Ivanov, Petrov 1925: 164-165]; the link to the dictionary is also shown in square brackets indicating the abbreviation of the dictionary, the volume (release) and the page, for example: [MAS II: 67], the bibliographic list of scientific sources (Literature), then the list of abbreviations (Abbreviations)

Where unconventional characters are used, these should be appended to the electronic copy.

The material sent for publication also should include:

  1. a list of key words (not more than 15 words);
  2. an abstract in English (≈ 2 000 digits) and Russian (≈ 500 digits);
  3. the title of the article in English;
  4. information about the author (to be published): full name, place of work/study, e-mail address;
  5. the main list of references.
Making the main list of References (Literature)

Sources in the main list of literature are arranged in alphabetical order first in Cyrillic from A to Я, and then in Latin from A to Z.

The works of one author of different years are arranged in chronological order.

Sources that are not academic publications (normative legal acts, official statistics, media materials, etc.) are given in a separate list after the main list of literature under the heading Sources and in the additional list (References) are not included.