Folklore materials from Pinega. Part 2. Riddles about material culture

DOI: 10.30842/01348515202012
Levichkin A. Krylova O. Gaidamashko R.V. Folklore materials from Pinega. Part 2. Riddles about material culture NRD, Volume 19. 2020 , 261–278

This article is a continuation of the publication of riddles collected by G. Ya. Simina during dialectological expeditions to Pinega (see Levichkin, Krylova, Gaidamashko 2019). The riddles are based on the world around us: both natural and everyday life. Topics that are relevant to riddles are related to the natural world, the man, the spheres of his activity and existence. This part presents riddles from the following thematic groups: “Clothes, footwear, headwear, mittens, jewelry, accessories”, “Peasant housing”, “Yard, household buildings”, “Bath”, “Heating in the house, oven”, “Lighting”, “Kitchen utensils”, “Dishes, containers”, “Furniture”, “Means of communication”, “Vehicles”, “Harness”. Some of the presented riddles were previously recorded in Pinega region and introduced into scientific discourse by colleagues from Moscow (see, for example, Kachinskaya 2014), but it is all the more important to compare their more recent materials with those by G. Ya. Simina. This is important in terms of both verification of the material and possible discrepancies in the plots.


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