Principles of lexicographic description of the word cho in the dialect dictionary

Bobrova M. Kolosko E. Principles of lexicographic description of the word cho in the dialect dictionaryNRD, Volume 19. 2020 ,294–314

The article raises questions about the description of the word чё [cho] in connection with the problems of reflection of dialectal colloquial vocabulary in a differential dialect dictionary. The following problems are discussed: 1) those related to the general methodological guidelines (justification for the inclusion of the word чё [cho] in the dialect dictionary) and 2) those related to the principles of describing this word in the dictionary entry. The authors propose solutions for such individual issues as functional and communicative status of the word чё [cho]; spelling of the word чё [cho]; its lexical and grammatical attribution; etc. On the basis of the proposed approaches, the principles of lexicographic description of the specified lexeme are defined: 1) the word чё [cho] is a dialectal colloquial lexical unit and should be represented in dialect dictionaries; 2) the invariant чё [cho] and phonemic variants цё [ts’o], цо [tso], чо [cho], шо [sho], щё [shch’o] should be reflected as the head words; 3) dialect lexicographers need to rely on the presumption of using the word чё [cho], rather than a phonetic variant of the forms of the lexeme что (что/чего) [chto (chto/chego)]; 4) there are homonymous words, the lexical and grammatical attribution of a particular word is determined by the context; 5) the word чё [cho] is polysemantic; 6) the dialectal colloquial word чё [cho] has a special expressive and emotional load, acts in certain functional and communicative situations (it is typical for different discourses), and these features need to be manifested by various means in the dictionary entry; 7) in reproducing illustrative materials it is necessary to rely on the modern punctuation norms and to start with the lexical and grammatical functions of the word and its combinations in the context.


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